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General specifications of the online store site
1 - Ability to control whether or not to allow members to post ads on the site 2 - The ability to control the publication of ads as soon as they are added or not published until they are reviewed by the site management.
3 - The possibility of adding the company's location on the Google map, adding the links of the social networking pages, and the possibility of publishing the ads on the social networking sites.
4 - Control the top categories that appear in the main site list and choose from different labels to distinguish these labels and show them next to the main site links.
5 & ​​ndash; The design is compatible for viewing on all types of portable devices and the computer.
6 - The ability to add ad space (six spaces) in addition to displaying ads that appear randomly.
7 - The ability to register any number of sections of the site, each section when accessed, advertisements are displayed for this section only, can be controlled by the name of the advertisement and its image and the link of the advertisement, whether internal or external.
8 - The ability to write and publish articles on the site.
9 - The possibility to add bouquets and control the activation of the offer or cancel the offer on the site and each package image, address and details 10 - You can add any number of new pages to the site and control the page content and data in a design-like way.
11 - You can add a new ad with the following properties (ad name or title, ad classification, ad group, ad details, ad image, pre-discount price, post-discount price). It is stopped, does it appear in the Featured Offers area, if it appears in the Featured Ads area what the offer end date is, it appears in the Most Viewed Ads area).
12 - Statistics for the number of visits to ad spaces 13 - Statistics for the number of visits to each section or category.
14 - Statistics of the number of visits to each product or category.
15 - Statistics are the number of times you search for each different search word (important to know what visitors are searching for).
16 - When you allow membership registration you can email members through the mailing list.
17 - Possibility to add logo to official sponsors.
18 - Shopping basket with ease of management and send orders for products and control the quantity of each item with a presentation of the total amount required immediately after the adjustment of quantities.
19 - Easy to apply for premium packages that contain more than one product.
20 - Members can add products to their favorite product list.
21 - A number of products can be compared and grouped into a single page.

Add a new product page through your member's control panel Online Store
Submit the purchase order page, showing all the member's or customer's data as well as the invoice items with the shipping costs. The member can modify the quantity to be purchased from each invoice item with the total invoice amount Online Store