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Link & Build Information Projects
Data Documentation System - Fine Arts Sector

Is a system designed to document the data of art galleries, artists and news related to the technical work of the plastic arts sector in the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, the system contains the possibilities of recording and archiving data and retrieval and employs many users

Web application to manage courses

It is an application designed to manage the training courses and contains the records of trainees, trainers, curricula, lectures, income and expenses. The trainer can access the application, record lectures, upload files and answer students' questions.

Management system of companies saving cars

Is an integrated system for the management of car rescue companies, where the registration of winches, drivers, deliveries, customer requests and expenses of each individual and its revenues, as well as expenses for each winch and its revenues, can also record the maintenance and follow-up of the technical condition of each winch or car owned by the company

Business Management System - Alessa Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

An integrated business management system is designed for Alessa for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning in Kuwait. The application includes property management and leases, sales movement at trade fairs, archiving of miscellaneous files and accounts

Rawafed project

Design and development of Rawafed project, a special project of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Awqaf. The project contains a large collection of books and books that have been categorized and categorized under a variety of different categories. The researcher can obtain information in all books and save the search result and print it and copy it.

Nubian Museum Data Documentation System

Design and development of the Nubian Museum's data documentation system, linking the system of data documentation with the system of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in an integrated manner and designing the site of the Nubia Museum

Engineering Project Management System

The Project Management System for the Acoustics and Vibration Laboratory is designed at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, where engineering projects, revenues and expenses related to each project are managed, with bank transfers, salaries and receivables recorded and the net value of each project recorded in the system.

Data Documentation System for the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

Design and development of the data system of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. The system is designed to accommodate the documentary data of the Egyptian antiquities of different eras. The data is documented in several languages.