Accounting software design

A quick look at the most important capabilities in (My Business Online System)

Updating accounts and balances after each accounting process.
Once a sale, purchase, or recording of expenses, sales returns, purchases returns, returns, or lost, the balances are kept up to date, which gives a direct result that appears in reports and statistics.Sharing files within tabs makes it easy to index and arrange them.
The application provides the ability to upload and download files within the tabs that can be increased and updated, so that files are easy to share and download from anywhere, and as documentation for work documents such as employee resumes, invoices, bonds, lease contracts, etc.
The possibility of selling in different units
The application provides the ability to record sales operations in different units, such as selling a number of cartons and a number of individual units within the cartons, and this feature provides mathematical operations performed by the sales employee manually and saves time, effort and money.
The possibility of multiple stores for the same facility
The application provides the ability to deal with several stores within the same facility, it also provides the possibility of transportation of goods from one store to another store, and the stock balance is affected during sales and purchases, returns and the registration of lost goods.
Ease of extracting attendance and departure data
The application provides the ability to read the attendance and leave file from the attendance and leave devices by uploading a file in the Microsoft Excel format to the application and based on the attendance and departure standards applied by the facility, employee discounts and allowances are evaluated according to the extent of their discipline in the work

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