Correspondence archiving program

The program is designed according to the work requirements of many parties inside and outside Egypt, and thus it contains advanced and advanced options that meet the needs.

Integrated management

The program is a research designer that you can control and manage master data in a way that suits your work.

Multiple sections

You can manage internal and external divisions so that outgoing and incoming correspondence between these divisions is easily archived.

Multiple attachments

You can easily manage attachments for outgoing and incoming correspondence, save and view them, and link correspondence.

Reply alert

The response times for incoming correspondence are scheduled so that the importance of replying to some of the communications received to you is reminded.

Concurrent statistics

The program displays statistics on the incoming and outgoing correspondence from each party or each of the correspondent departments.


You can grant powers to multiple users of the program so that each user works within the powers assigned to him.

For more information about the inbound and outbound correspondence archive software, you can see the software’s website