Online accounting software development

We design online accounting software in a specialized manner according to the needs of the client and in a manner that is appropriate for him, we have experience in this field for years, and we have designed a variety of applications and accounting systems for several large bodies and bodies inside and outside Egypt.

Since we have been focusing for some time on designing accounting web applications, which have a major role in facilitating the exchange of data and information between the same business parties in different regions at the level of the country and the world in general.

The accounting web app you can run from anywhere, from any computer or laptop, and regardless of the operating system, you can run it easily because it depends primarily on the speed of the internet you are working on.

We designed an accounting web application for Phenicia Contracting and Al Farouq Import and Export, and we designed the National Museum of Information Management System for Egyptian Civilization and the Fine Arts Sector Information Management System, and they are one of the bodies we are most proud of designing applications for, in terms of strength and volume of projects implemented in their favor.

The accounting web app connects stores to each other, and updates balances up-to-date.

You can control it from anywhere and see the data according to the degree of validity that you have, just as you can copy the database at any time, because your data is continuously secure and you do not have to worry about it.

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