Link & Build Information Corporation {lbi}

Accounting software, Web application

Our works

Cloud software development

We design online accounting software that meets all requirements and serves multiple branches at the same time
While providing speed, protection and data backup

Team work and expertise

A highly qualified and professional team works with us in Egypt, in the fields of programming, design, marketing, and server management

We guarantee perfect system design

We provide training on how to use our software for all of your users

We provide training for users in several different ways. Each program has a playlist on YouTube that explains in practice how to deal with the program and its use. We also prepare online lectures to train users through the trainer responsible for training for each program. Each program also contains written explanation documents that show all the details. Program-specific and answer common questions.

Our software works on all operating systems and all devices

Share work from anywhere and follow information wherever you are.

Our programs provide you with multiple capabilities to deal with data, share work with the team from anywhere, get up-to-date on all developments, access data from any device and under any operating system platform, save costs for installing copies on various devices, save the cost of technical support for systems Multiple, updates compatible with device operating systems used for programs ,,, and more features.

Link & Build Information Corporation {lbi} has been designing accounting programs since 2002, we have experience in designing accounting and administrative programs and websites, we have clients inside and outside the Arab countries, we always strive to develop our business and provide the highest levels of efficiency at acceptable prices for different segments of the local and international market.