POS software LBI-POS

The Sales and Commercial software supports Visa & linking to the shopping site

POS software supports the sale of products and services, such as the sale of spare parts and the installation service, or the sale and installation of electrical appliances. The balances of items of products sold and purchased are affected after each purchase or sales invoice.

The LBI-POS software provides a discount coupon system, and you can process coupons in a number of ways, including free coupons with a pre-determined balance that are given to customers upon purchase with a certain financial value, or discount coupons can be processed by giving the customer a discount coupon at a specific price and the coupon contains a balance greater than Coupon price sold.

The software supports the generation of a barcode for some products whose barcode cannot be recognized by barcode readers, as well as for locally-made products that do not have a barcode, the program also supports printing and pasting barcode to any item sold to the customer.

The LBI-POS software has the Procurement and Supplier Accounts Department, so that you can record cash and forward purchases, make payments and monitor the balance of each supplier. Of course, purchases affect the balances of items in the store, and you have several different methods of payment, not just cash, which gives you more options.

For more information, you can visit the software’s website LBI-POS