Web design

Web design is a preparation for an interface that works on the Internet to facilitate browsing and display data on it for Internet users, in a way that ensures the achievement of several important criteria for both the website browser and the owner of the site at the same time.
The owner of the site wants to show certain elements and wants to show a specific message The site was designed to inform it to visitors

He also wants the site to be at a high level of beauty and ease in browsing, he wants the site to fit with his own vision and imagination of the image he wants to present to visitors or users of his site, and for the visitor to the site, the site visitor wants to see the data with great ease, as he wants to find The site specifically searches for it easily without much trouble or without waiting for pages to load a long time.

So there are standards accepted worldwide in the design of websites, and these standards have gone beyond what we can imagine, and we find that among these criteria are the following:

1 – Display the website design clearly and well to all types of web browsers

2 – Display the website design clearly and well on all types of mobile screens

3 – The design is free from errors

4- The speed of loading the website page and designing the site to suit different browsing speeds

5- Website design with HTML5 & CSS3 technologies

6 – Register the site in the search engines

7 – Pages for the site on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

All of the above is now considered one of the basics of web design, and it has an important role in the success of any website

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