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Customer marketing software

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Customer marketing and follow-up software Customer follow-up application is an application that specializes in registering customer data and registering the services provided by the company, as well as recording communication operations and marketing follow-up to clients. The application displays a report on the performance of each marketing employee, showing the operations that each employee performed

Human resources software

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LBI-HR Human Resource Management software An integrated human resources program that covers all the needs of small, medium and large enterprises. The human resources management program is designed to meet the needs of companies of all sizes, the program contains many features that provide integrated information about human resources and facilitate their management, the program

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Cairo Shop website Cairo Shop is designed to be an online shopping website, developed and updated to start operating during the current year 2020 to be marketed for a range of products, specifically handmade products. It is planned to promote the site so that it becomes one of the most popular shopping sites in Egypt

Correspondence archiving software

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Correspondence archiving program The program is designed according to the work requirements of many parties inside and outside Egypt, and thus it contains advanced and advanced options that meet the needs. Integrated management The program is a research designer that you can control and manage master data in a way that suits your work. Multiple

POS Software

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POS software LBI-POS The Sales and Commercial software supports Visa & linking to the shopping site POS software supports the sale of products and services, such as the sale of spare parts and the installation service, or the sale and installation of electrical appliances. The balances of items of products sold and purchased are affected

Online accounting software development

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Online accounting software development We design online accounting software in a specialized manner according to the needs of the client and in a manner that is appropriate for him, we have experience in this field for years, and we have designed a variety of applications and accounting systems for several large bodies and bodies inside