Software integration

Business needs and business requirements require the design and development of systems that have high flexibility to achieve integration, and we can define software integration as the process of combining different types of software subsystems to create one unified system. Software integration may be required for a number of reasons, such as:

1 – Migrating from a legacy system to a new database system, including cloud-based data storage.
2 – Setting up a data warehouse where data needs to be moved through an ETL process from its production system to the data storage system.
3 – Linking different systems, such as various databases and file-based systems.
4 – Joining various stand-alone systems to make it easier to replicate processes and gain uniform results.

This kind of application integration is increasingly necessary for companies that use distinct systems to perform various tasks. These operations can include anything from recording sales, keeping track of supplier information, and storing customer data. To incorporate all of these different systems and applications into one system, where data can be collected and analyzed, requires specialized functionality.

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