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Online accounting software design

Online accounting software design accounting web applications design, accounting web applications are applications that run through the Internet and can be run from anywhere and from any computer or tablet. We design accounting software that works on the web for companies and factories that want to link the branches to each other or whose manager

Training Centers Management system

Training Centers Management system It is an application that works online to manage and operate training centers, it contains all the elements necessary to register, follow-up and display the information that is being processed based on the activity of the training center, the program contains the following elements. Training courses management Managing the batches received

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Auto rescue company management system

Auto rescue company management system It is an integrated system for managing car rescue companies, whereby cranes, drivers, shifts, customer requests, expenses for each order and its revenues can be recorded, as well as expenses for each winch and its revenues. It can also record the maintenance and follow-up operations of the technical condition of

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