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Correspondence archiving software

Correspondence archiving program The program is designed according to the work requirements of many parties inside and outside Egypt, and thus it contains advanced and advanced options that meet the needs. Integrated management The program is a research designer that you can control and manage master data in a way that suits your work. Multiple

Accounting software design

Accounting software design A quick look at the most important capabilities in (My Business Online System) Updating accounts and balances after each accounting process. Once a sale, purchase, or recording of expenses, sales returns, purchases returns, returns, or lost, the balances are kept up to date, which gives a direct result that appears in reports

Accounting applications design

Accounting applications design We design accounting programs in a specialized manner according to the needs of the client and in a manner that is appropriate for him, we have experience in this field for years, and we have designed a variety of applications and accounting systems for several large bodies and bodies inside and outside

online software

online software Accounting web program. 1 - It can be operated within a local or extended network or through the Internet. 2 - Designed with an Arabic interface. 3 - The application can be run on any Windows, Linux or UNIX operating system. 4 - The system's database accommodates data of up to 16 terabytes.

Contracting with UNESCO

Contracting with UNESCO A contract was signed with the UNESCO Office in Cairo to design and develop data management and documentation systems for both the National Museum of Egyptian and Egyptian Civilization in Cairo and the Nubian Museum in Aswan. And the contract included designing and developing a data documentation system that meets the needs

Adherence to project and business delivery dates

Adherence to project and business delivery dates We adopt scientific methods to study projects and stages of implementation and the time and requirements of each stage. Therefore. We give a period of implementation commensurate with the project to be implemented, so that we deliver most of the works and projects on time or days before.

وزارة الأوقاف والشئون الإسلامية – دولة الكويت

وزارة الأوقاف والشئون الإسلامية - دولة الكويت تصميم برنامج من ضمن مشروع (روافد) ، البرنامج بشكل عام مصمم بحيث يعمل على نظام تشغيل ويندوز وله نسخة مطابقة لمواصفاته تعمل من خلال موقع ويب ، البرنامج عبارة عن مكتبة تحتوي على عدد مائة كتاب ، مقسمة ومفهرسة تحت عدة تبويبات ، يمكن للباحث الوصول للكتب من

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